There are about as many reasons why someone wears religious jewelry as there are types of jewelry. First of all, it is a statement of faith. Wearing Christian, Jewish jewelry or any other religious item is a way to acknowledge and let others know what the wearer believes in. Aside from just displaying faith, some pieces are worn for protection.Polymer clay is widely available in local craft and art supply stores. Some outlets want it in bulk ordering or in large quantities. Others have it via mail order. Most manufacturers have brand selections due to its softness, color and strength.The latest appeal in gem stones this season is the bold gemstone rings. These rings make a dramatic statement. The most popular colors are blue, aquamarine, green hues, blue topaz or red and maroon in various metals. Another trend in gemstone jewelry is cabochons, which are cut in unusual shapes such as tongue, bullet, paws, skulls etc. These are right for you if you want to look different!


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