Azure Packet

During this season, stores carry jewelry that spells out “XO” and “LOVE.” Cupid’s arrow or love knots are other sweet ways to show your love on Valentine’s day. These are very affordable jewelry gifts. Even jewelry made of sterling silver can cost less than a bunch of flowers.A custom brass pendant can be made from brass wire. Brass wire can easily be bent and formed into any kind of shape imaginable. As a beginner, you can start with simple designs such as a heart design. You can even give the heart shaped pendant a few curves on the inside and wear it on a chain or beaded necklace. You can even bend brass wire to form initials. Perhaps, you can spell your name or the name of a loved one and wear it on a chain. Making brass pendants at home is affordable and safe because all you need to create shapes is a hammer, a mini torch, diagonal pliers and brass wire with an 18 inch diameter.


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