Atom Pendants

When going with the urn locket, also make sure you have a designated place to store it. Avoid storing the urn with your other jewelry pieces. It is far more respectful plus the ring will be less likely to bump into other metals and stones, and possibly scratch or chip. It is also easier to keep tabs on it if it has its separate box or holder.

Buy several small silver bracelets and pendants as these subtle pieces are a great way to spice up any attire, formal or evening wear! These pieces of fashion jewelry can complement any look you want to project.

To flatten your pendant, you can place it on a piece of wood and use a hammer to tap on it. You may need to apply soldering paste if you have wires touching other pieces of wire on the pendant. But, make sure that you use a toothpick to apply the paste at every intersection.

On this special occasion gift the couple with some traditional wedding present which they will surely love. Gift them with elegant stone jewelry items or the most exquisite crystal ware. You can also gift them home scented candles.

The Silver Jewelry Club is an online manufacturing company that is giving away free designer jewelry for free. Yes, free. Four sterling silver jewelry pieces are featured at a time on the website and showcased for fifteen minutes before a new piece replaces them. The variety of pieces is very good and the quality is even better. The site is a promotional offer to build a clientele for the parent site the company has established and there is no mention of how long the jewelry will be available for free so take advantage while you still can.

Fashion jewelry you should get her, or does she already have a huge collection of jewelry? Try getting her something nice to keep it all in. There are many varieties of jewelry boxes, chests, cases, armoires and more. They come in a variety of materials, colors, and designs.

Properly cleaning jewelry is as important as storing them properly. Before you clean your jewelry, make sure that there are no breaks or loose gemstones that could potentially worsen or fall out if you were to clean the item. Rather than risk it, take your jewelry to a respected jeweler for cleaning.


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